Lip Service


I recently cut my hair, which probably won’t be shown for a really long time, and donated it to locks of love which was on my resolutions list. I do like my new haircut but I do think I prefer the length it was at because I just felt it was a nice length for me. My new hair is a lot healthier so I’m trying to keep it healthier so that when it gets back to the length it won’t be a huge mass of split ends. On other notes this week I’ll be going to Pullman, Washington to check out Washington State University, as well as Moscow where the University of Idaho is. I’ve got about fifteen different colleges I want to look at this summer some because their close and some because they have the majors I want. I’m trying to narrow down colleges by area, majors, size, cost, and environment which is hard when you’re researching but not as hard when looking at the colleges themselves. In general I know what environment I like which helps to narrow down places I visit.









Dress: Style Savvy, Jacket: Italy, Shoes: Nordstrom.


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