Life Update


I don’t wear my retainers in the day anymore (orders by my orthodontist) but let me tell you there is nothing more annoying than wearing lipstick while wearing a retainer. Lipstick gets all over your teeth when you put them in and out which I never had a problem with lipstick all over my teeth with regular braces. On other news I’m starting a second job now and I pierced my nose again! I pierced it on the left side this time because the piercer recommend to not pierce my right side again since it hadn’t been a year since the last piercing. The end result is to have a double piercing on my left side so I can have two hoops in. I have to wait six weeks before I change my stud (you can see what it looks like on my instagram) So I may pierce my second hole when I change to a hoop so I don’t have two studs in one side because I think that might look weird with two studs since they are a decent size. That’s about newest things that have happened lately. Again the photos you are getting are old but I don’t want to waste the outfits and photos because I think there cute although they are old and not at all appropriate for summer.






Dress: JCPenney, Tights: Empire, Shoes: Target, Jacket: Italy, Necklace: Vintage.


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