Ipsy June Bag & Review


Here’s this month’s Ipsy bag! I though this month the bag was super cute and I was really excited to see these more expensive brands but unfortunately neither of them worked out as you will soon read.

Products I received from the Ipsy bag
Royal and Nickellang Duel Ended Smudger & Crease Brush
(I found one like the crease sized but not the dual ended one for 18.00)

The Royal and Nicklang brush is smaller than the average makeup brush, it looks more like a version of brushes that come with more expensive makeup palettes. I really like that the crease side is smaller than the last crease brush Ipsy gave me because I wasn’t able to use the last one because it was too big for my eyelids. This one is super soft and lovely.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Fireball full sized 19.00

I was over the moon excited to receive an Urban Decay product because I’ve always wanted to try their products, especially their eyeshadows which they are famous for. Unfortunately I really didn’t think this product lived up to the hype that everyone goes on about with the UD shadows. While the shadow was soft and swatched nicely, and didn’t kick up a lot of powder, it applied really chalky and didn’t want to layer with itself to build up the pigmentation to the level I wanted. I’m actually super disappointed with this product for all the hype these shadows get.

Clarisea Sea Salt & Charcoal Mask full sized 18.00

This is the first ever mask I’ve bought/used that hasn’t been a premixed paste. It’s a powder that you have to put in your hand and then carefull put the smallest amount of water ever into and then mix and apply to your face. The first time I tried it it look me three times before I could make it right. It dried every quickly and feels nice and makes you skin feel clean but not tight when your done. It doesn’t seem to do a lot of deep cleaning or anything super benefical but it’s nice to put on.

Seraphine Botanicals Blush in Happy Hibiscus 18.00

Out of all the things I received I’m the most excited about this. This is a vegan, cruelty free blush that is super pigmented and really long lasting. It’s matte, doesn’t have a scent, blends beautifully and I would totally recommend to everyone. It’s even better that’s it natural!

Formula X Nail Polish in Wingwoman full sized 12.50

This was the second brand that I was quiet excited to try as Formula X is a high end nail polish brand sold at Sephora. I thought that this color was opaque and semi glossy and it dried relatively quickly but it seemed like it chipped so easily. I’m sad about this. I hope I get some more higher end products to try that hopefully will be successes.

Swatches First UD shadow, second Seraphine Blush.

In this shot I’m wearing the Urban Decay shadow and the Seraphine Botanicals blush.


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