Navy and Neutral


This is the first time I’ve ever had a job so it’s been probably the busiest summer of my life. It’s hard getting used to the schedule since being a student you have this set scheduled of eight to three and then free weekends, where as my jobs the earliest I start is 10:30 and I often don’t get both weekends off but random days in the middle. I’m much more used to have Saturdays be set cleaning days and Sundays for relaxing that it’s been a bit of an adjustment, but certainly not hard. What is hard is standing for eight hours a day. For those of you who have professional 50 hour work weeks I’m sure your laughing at me, but it’s something totally new I’m experiencing. And the back pain, I am so not used to that. I’m literally going to buy a back brace with my paycheck; not joking and one of shoe inserts for my work shoes. I’m laughing at myself right now I sound like a forty-year old women and not like a teenager. It is empowering though having a job and being able to get a paycheck. I recently bought a Herschel backpack because I absolutely destroy backpacks and figured maybe I wouldn’t if I bought myself a nice quality one, and it was kind of proud moment. Look at me adulting.






Dress: Zany Zebra, Tights: SammyDress, Shoes: Nordstrom, Watch: SammyDress


2 thoughts on “Navy and Neutral

  1. Found my way here through Jonathan’s blog.
    I totally agree with you…haha…I went through this same phase about a year ago and I went nuts when my first paycheck arrived! I was super proud of myself 😀 And slowly the routine sank in and now I totally enjoy what I do 😀
    All the best to you and I hope to keep reading snippets of how work is going for you 🙂 Cheers

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