Curly Haired Girl


What have I been doing? Working. Much working. Yesterday and the day before were my days off this week so Wednesday my mom and I went to tour two different colleges. The first college was Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, and the next was the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. Both are about two and a half hours from my home and each university is about twenty minutes from the other. I liked the both of them. The thought of college usually fills me with anxiety so I’ve been trying to pick colleges to look at in a very systematic way, first; how many of the majors am I interested in that they have? (Economics, History Education, Business, International Business, Political Science, English, Creative Writing, Journalism, Marketing, Social Media, and Fashion Merchandising) For me it has to be a minimum of at least four because there is no way I’m going to a college with only one so that if I change my major I have to change my whole college. Next I look at the location because it is a pretty big deciding factor how far the college is from other areas, if it’s rural or in a small town can I get to a big city with the public transportation? (I don’t drive) When I visit a college campus I usually know pretty quickly from the look and vibe of a school if I think I could fit in. Washington State University and University of Idaho are both rural, but while WSU is pretty much the entire town of Pullman, Moscow is its own town with the college in it. Something else I look at is how big, or if they have greek life, and how big do sports play into the particular college. I am interested in potentially joining a sorority but having a super big sports college isn’t as important to me because I’m not really interested in football/basketball ect. WSU hugely emphasizes sports so I don’t know if that would be as good of a fit for me, but on the other hand I loved the academic building, and how much the college helped kids get internships to set them up for life beyond college. U of I I really didn’t want to like because I told myself I didn’t want to go to college in Idaho but it’s actually a really pretty school and I’m hoping to visit it again this fall. I could see myself at either college which is nice knowing since it is cheaper in state, so having a good in state school that I like is great. I’m planning a return trip to both schools in the fall so I can see them with students which will be great.





Top: Unknown, Jeans: Macy’s, Socks: Gift, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Earrings: Gift, Shoes: Nordstrom.


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