Good Girl Faith and a Tight Little Skirt


I have lost this skirt and it is devastating to me because it’s the most versatile piece of clothing that I own. I mean I wear this skirt probably (at least) once a week and now I have no idea where it is. Mah! This summer I’m going to try really hard and buy basic pieces because I have practically no basics in my wardrobe. An overabundance of Graphic Tees? Yes. Weird stuff that only I would buy and pair in that way? Yes. Basics? No. It’s a thing. It’s a problem, also because this whole past year beginning back in January (Wow Kelly really? Does the year start in January?) I have been feeling really fed up with my style so as a result I’ve just been buying tons of makeup and having fun with that, but then letting my outfits be kind of meh, which is weird and a super uncomfortable feeling for me because I tangle a lot of my self-esteem in my outfits and if I perceive I look fashionable and good, so not feeling like I can take the effort or that I don’t look good is a weird feeling to have. Probably a good thing to have to go through because I ( or anyone ) can not and should not place theirs or others physical self-worth in an outfit they can shed at the end of the day, so reminding yourself of that is something that everyone needs to do, but now I want to go back to feeling like dressing is fun and not a chore because fashion is fun! It’s like framing the masterpiece that is yourself in a cool outfit or makeup look that showcases how awesome you are to the world. It’s armor, a shield and a limelight to remind yourself that you are a bomb-ass person! Now tell yourself that after you finish reading this.







Bodysuit: Empire, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Target, Jacket: Italy.


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