Poetic Robotic

Recently College Fashion did a Literary Fashion posts about outfits inspired by poems written by robots, a program designed to create poems. It brings up the argument as to what art is and what defines beautiful art. It’s spooky to think that a program could create art like humans but at the same time makes complete sense. Our behavior and feelings are after all defined by lines of genetic code. I thought these poems were beautiful and I hope you do too.

“Paint The”

by Ray Kurzeil’s Cybernetic Poet

Paint the sun

the type of perfection

the type of depressed moods

the type of teacup tapping

the type of soft pillows

type of water

of force,

of light

soft parade of trees


for a burn, a sod of life


by JanusNode




in the

lines on the




inscribed in

the depths




“The Bookcase”

by Ray Kurzweil’s Cybernetic Poet

Off the bookcase

searching for art’s sake. Life for myself to

this solitude among

collective images.


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