Ipsy July


For whatever reason my computer won’t let me upload the video of me unboxing the Ipsy bag so this month it’s just going to be a regular post. This month I wasn’t super into the bag design, I like holographic but not the umbrellas. It looks like a Christmas design to me. This month I received

Deluxe Sample of the Meet Matte Trimony eyeshadow from the Matte Trimony palette by The Balm. The palette is $42.
Luxe Small Angled Eyeliner Brush.
Brushes range from $12-$16 but this particular brush is in a kit that costs $45.
Delectable by Cake Beauty Hand Cream full sized $12.
Thrive Causmetics Waterproof Eyeliner full sized $22.
Two Shray Sheet Masks Qeen Bee and Ms Amazing $12 for two.

I really loved this months bag. I was excited to try something from The Balm again especially because this shadow was in a lovely red shade which I’ve been really into. It was buttery and pigmented and blended well with other shadows. The eyeliner was pretty pigmented and stayed except on my outer corners. I have no tested how waterproof it is but it’s pretty good. The Luxe brush I was super excited about because I’ve seen people gush over them. This one seemed to lose a fair bit of hairs in the first week I had it but I’ve been using it for my eyebrows and it has been holding itself pretty well. The hand cream is scented but not overly so, it smells like lemon pie and I love how soft it makes my hands feel. I was also pretty stoked about the sheet masks because I’ve never tried any before. I prefered the Queen Bee a bit more than the Ms. Amazing but that I think is due to the fact that Ms. Amazing was for dry skin and Queen Bee was for oily skin. Both made my skin feel awesome.

Swatches of the Eyeliner and Shadow.

The Queen Bee mask (My favorite of the two!)


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