My Last First Day


My first day of school was September 6th which I thought I would state because obviously my first day wouldn’t start on a Friday. I’m actually into my third week of school but I thought I would take time to get settled in before I started blogging again. It’s weird to think of this being my last first day just like last Saturday was my last ever homecoming. Mostly when I think about it I get paranoid about college but I’m trying to also not freak out and just enjoy my senior year. This year I’m taking Model United Nations where I get to travel to New York to participate in a mock UN, a dual-credit math class, dual-credit english, and Cedar Post (our high school newspaper), and then I have late arrival, AP Government and Civics, and a TA period. Overall a pretty good schedule. I’m also working three days a week although in second semester that will probably go down to two. Wish me luck for my senior year everyone, I fought pretty hard to get here.








Dress: JCPenney, Jacket: JCPenney, Shoes: Birkenstocks, Backpack: Hershel’s Little America, Phone Case, Aliexpress, Bracelet: alex & ani.


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