Oil Slick


Last spring I took a really long break from blogging and it sort of spilled into the summer. It wasn’t my intention, but it did happen and it made me realize that really while people are reading this and (hopefully) enjoy what I have to say, the blog is for me. I spent the past three years acting like this was a job and putting a lot of pressure on myself. When I was younger I wanted to talk about things that were personal, but didn’t out of safety reasons. So in many ways my posts from way back are much less of me than I wanted to put out. I’m going to be changing some things by posting not on a schedule writing more about things that I really care about. I want to be able to talk about feminism, and social justice, and the environment. I’m still going to post outfits and makeup because that is important to me too, but I’m definitely going to be showcasing more of my personality and opinions that I may have previously held back. I hope that if you enjoy you’ll keep reading and if you disagree that you share in a positive way.

Thank you,







Dress: Clashist from Forever 21, Shoes: Borne, Bracelet: Vintage.


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