Maybelline Face Primer Breakdown


These are some of the best Drugstore Primer’s I’ve tried. Maybelline has four face primers and three eye primers, although I haven’t tried the eye primer. Their primer’s are great. The Maybelline Baby Skin is the newest I believe, it’s a clear thick formula meant to mattify and pore reduce. It’s a good primer that does make your skin smooth, it’s very odd feeling, not silicone based, but similar to the feeling most eye primers have. I liked it but the Prime and Smoothing is much better at pore reducing. the Prime and Smoothing is definitely my favorite.

The three Prime + whatever all are very similar silicone based primers, with the smoothing being white, the redness reducing being slightly green tinted, and the illuminating a subtle pink sheen. My second favorite is the illuminating, it’s shimmery but not glittery and gives your skin a nice pink tinted glow. My least favorite is the redness reducing but not because it’s bad, just because it’s not green enough to really help with any redness you have, and not as good as smoothing as the first one.



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