Do blondes have more fun?


Not really but you get that question way more than you want. So this blog didn’t know, although if you follow me on Instagram you would, that I dyed my hair blonde (and now I have blunt bangs) about two months ago. It’s been fun although I’m going to change my hair again relatively soon this was something I’ve really wanted to do for over a year now. For over a week it was weird to just see my face in the mirror because I’ve never had anything but very dark hair. I think hair holds a big piece of our identity, and for women especially we are taught long hair gives us femininity. Having dark hair and then changing it and liking it is really empowering especially when the reactions I got when I told people my plan were usually negative ones. It’s been really fun and well worth the slight damage that makes my hair way fluffier.


Top: Christmas Gift, Skirt: Target, Tights: From a dance recital but you can order fishnets anywhere, Socks: Forever 21, Jacket: JCPenney, Boots: Doc Martens.


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