Kat Von D Alchemist Palette


I got a gift card for Christmas for Sephora and I wanted to buy something that wasn’t an eyeshadow palette, because I have way to many of those. I’ve been wanting to try the Kat Von D contour palette but I saw this and was intrigued, I’ve been very into highlighters lately as is most of the beauty world. In fact when everyone realized the palette was on Sephora it sold out in about a day or two. First off the packaging is beautiful, although it’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be, for some reason I figured it would be larger. You get 0.05 oz per pan of which there are four. So very little but highlight you only need a little. The A lettering lines up with the information on the back of the palette but not the way it opens which bugs me but only for a shallow reasons.

The shades swatched left to right are: {pink} opal, {ultra-violet} amethyst, {blue} saphyre, and {green} emerald. The shades are not very powdery because they aren’t super soft but some do get on the inside packaging which is black and shows it very well. Sometimes it can seem powdery when you swatch it but it’s not on your face. The colors are beautiful and look amazing although, especially as an inner corner highlight. For people who don’t normally incorporate green or blue highlight on the daily it’s not as bold as the rainbow highlighter people lost their minds over earlier this year. It definitely is wearable and can do lighter or darker depending on your brush. Fan brushes would make it more subtle while a flat foundation brush can make it more intense. I really like this. A+ for my first Kat Von D product.



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