Review of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes

From top to bottom: original, semi-sweet, and bon bons.

I got all three of these palettes as a sale on black friday on the Too Faced Website. They were doing all three for $99 with free shipping. (You automatically get free shipping on orders over 50 so that wasn’t that special) Each palette normally retails for $49. Which as a reference point the Urban Decay Naked’s retail for $54, Kat Von D’s shade n light is $48 and the Lorac pro palettes are $44. A pretty expensive palette so I justified the sale and also spending a $100 on just three things. So you all know what I’m comparing these against, I have the Lorac Pro and some MAC shadows and the limited edition Too Faced Grand Chateu palette but no other high end ones. I think the Lorac shades are amazing and spoiler I was not as impressed as I thought I would be, especially considering how much people rave about these shadows.

First off they come in sturdy tins that look like chocolate bars and true enough they smell like chocolate. It’s lovely and while it does not obviously smell like real chocolate it’s not a bad fake smell either. So A+ for packaging and A+ for scent. As far as the actual color selection again it’s pretty good. In all three of the palettes they have a pop of purple which too faced does a lot with there more neutral palettes. In the original Strawberry Bon Bon and Candied Violet give the color, The semi-sweet has Blueberry Swirl and Pink Sugar although Pink Sugar is pretty much just straight glitter. The Bon Bons is the most colorful out of the three with two pink shades (cotton candy, totally fetch), a green (earl grey), and a dark purple (black currant). If you are more of a true neutrals person then the original and semi-sweet are more for you, and if you like color go for the bon bons. All three of these have warm and neutral tones, the semi-sweet seems to be warmer but actually has the prefect balance between warm and cool toned shadows. The original and the bon bons both air a bit more warm but they do have cool shadows.

So the formula of these varies and that’s where I was sort of disappointed. I watch a lot of youtube and it seems like SO MANY people would pick the chocolate bar palettes as their holy grail palettes. I just don’t think they’re that amazing. Don’t get me wrong they are good, but it varies. The matte and satin shades are very buttery and super pigmented so those are gorgeous. However the shadows with glitter in them are not as soft as I would like and are not as true to color when you swatch them or put them on the eyes. They also are not that greatest at blending and some of the colors tend to fade throughout the day. I like the palettes but they aren’t amazing. I think one really has to try them because I know so many people do love them, but I much prefer my Lorac Palettes.

Shades left to right: Gilded Ganache a dark forrest green/black with gold sparkle, White Chocolate a matte cream white, Milk Chocolate a matte light brown, Black Forest Truffle a darker browny purple with gold sparkle, and Triple Fudge a matte grey toned smoke brown.

Shades left to right: Salted Caramel matte caramel brown, Marzipan pinky/champagne shimmer, Semi-Sweet matte darker brown than milk chocolate, Strawberry Bon Bon matte light pink, Candied Violet dark violet purple with pink glitter, Amaretto a shimmer red brick brown.

Shades left to right: Hazelnut shimmery brown, Creme Brulee a gold with leaning green, Haute Chocolate brown gold shimmer, Cherry Cordial deep red with shimmer/white glitter, Champagne Truffle white pink shimmer.

Shades left to right: Licorice matte black, Coconut Creme matte yellow toned white, Nougat a weird but amazing pink/grey toned skin toned color, Truffled matte medium brown, Hot Fudge black/brown with gold shimmer.

Shades left to right: Cocoa Chili mid toned brown with gold glitter, Pink Sugar pink glitter but swatches just straight clear glitter, Puddin’ a darker matte brown, Blueberry Swirl a shimmery brighter blueberry shade, Peanut Butter a matte darker orange, Frosting shimmery brown.

Shades left to right: Rum Raisin shimmer taupe, Mousse light matte brown, Caramel shimmer gold, Bon Bon light shimmer brown but more warm toned, Butter Pecan shimmery butter color.

Shades left to right: Almond Truffle matte very light taupe, Satin Sheets pink champagne shimmer, Sprinkles a shimmery pink with gold, Molasses Chip a shimmery taupe, Malted a dark brown with glitter.

Shades left to right: Cashew Chew light glittery beige color, Cotton Candy shimmer cotton candy shade, Cafe Au Lait a shimmer/pressed glitter grey/taupe, Bordeaux a satin dark brick red, Mocha a matte light brown, Black Current dark glitter purple.

Shades left to right: Dark Truffle glittery dark brown, Pecan Praline matte grey, Totally Fetch a satin hot pink, Earl Grey a satin dark green/black, Divinity a shimmer warm white.


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