I’ve lucked out for my birthday and this past Christmas because I asked for nice shoes and I’ve received all three. These Hunters, black Doc Martens, and Adidas Superstars were all on my wish list for college, because I borrow a lot of shoes from my mom and I figured it would be wise to get nice shoes that I won’t have to replace (read not Forever 21) for a while since I’ll be broke as hell in about six months. I’m a planner, which basically means I’m already freaking out over things I need to buy and ordering dorm decor. I was happy to get the shoes as gifts so now I can start saving for some nice Seattle weather clothing because that’s hopefully where I’m going. Fingers crossed! If there is anything that you all absolutely loved in college that made dorm living easier I’d love to hear. I’m always ready for an excuse to make another list.





Dress: Thrifted Forever 21, Jacket: Italy, Tights: Empire, Socks: CNDirect, Boots: Hunter Rain Boots.


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