Self Care is the Best Care


Valentine’s Day is one of those days where it is said to be celebrating people you love, but often the only images we are shown of love are those in couples. While you should celebrate people you love all time time, I think that first and foremost you have to show yourself love because if you can’t love yourself you can’t fully love other people. Here are some coping and self care suggestions for you to take care of yourself tomorrow.

1. Exercise
2. Write (Writing is one of my favorite things to do)
3. Draw, paint, scribble or doodle. If you have anxiety or depression draw on yourself.
4. Watch your favorite TV show or watch a new TV show (I highly recommend Friends or Madam Secretary)
5. Go see a movie
6. Do schoolwork. It’s not so much a self-care as it is a coping method, if all your schoolwork is done you can’t stress.
7. Paint your nails or do your makeup
8. Sing.
9. Take a bath. This is one of my favorite things to do.
10. Buy yourself something new and mildly frivolous.
11. Take a nap. Also my favorite thing ever.
12. Read a comfort book.
13. Bake cookies or bread or cake or pie.
14. Eat your favorite comfort food.
15. Play with your pet.
16. Listen to music or make some good playlists.
17. If you are religious pray, or if you are spiritual meditate.
18. Organize your books, CD’s, DVD’s, clothing or various other things you own.
19. Purge your clothing and donate it to a local thrift shop or Goodwill.
20. Write love letters to people you know or to strangers and leave them in places.
21. Go for a drive.
22. Buy yourself some flowers or new planets.
23. Go to a coffee shop or a bookstore.
24. Color.
25. Talk to a friend or therapist.
26. Donate money to a charity.
27. Volunteer your time.
28. Break dishes, the dollar tree sells some that is cheap and great for this.
29. Go for a hike.
30. Do yoga or stretch.
31. Make some goals for the upcoming weeks/months/years.
32. Make a dream board.
33. Make a Pinterest board for a dream room or house.
34. Buy yourself something relating to your hobby.
35. Sign yourself up for a class for a new hobby.


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