Too Faced Selfie Powders


I bought this at a Nordstrom’s Rack in San Fransisco when I was with my mom this past summer. It was half the price it normally is which was good because I wouldn’t pay full price for this ever. The idea behind this is good but unfortunately it just falls kind of flat. It’s three powders named after filters which is supposed to provide a light pigment to color correct. They are supposed to be all over setting powders but I use the yellow and lavender under my eyes mostly. I wouldn’t use the yellow all over my face and I certainly wouldn’t use the bronzing powder as anything but an actual bronzer. Unfortunately as you can see from the swatches only the bronzing one is even sort of pigmented. The tone of it though is far to warm so it looks much too orange. The yellow and purple are OK if you really work a brush on them, but they’ve got a film over them now from use which I found some of my Too Faced products get. Overall I would just buy a powder in the tone you want from another brand.




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