Fishnets & Jeans


Well It’s been a busy couple of weeks and next month going to be just as bad. Last Saturday was the DYW fashion show which was my first year participating in it because last year I had a dance competition the same weekend. This week is the first one that I don’t have something each day and I’m hoping to go look at prom dresses with my mom. I’ve already had a dress that I really like picked out for months, but I would have to order it online (hence why I’m talking about prom even though it isn’t until April). So I thought it would be worth at least looking at some stores in case I found one I really loved and then I could try it on in stores. I also just really enjoy planning really far ahead because then I can spend a really long time deciding what I want to do. I certainly don’t thing prom is the dance to end all dances or anything like that but it is fun to plan and sort of weird that it will be the last dance I go to in high school ever.






Top: Macy’s, Jeans: Levi’s, Fishnets: Dance, Shoes: Adidas, Jacket: Thrifted Pacific Trail.


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