Drugstore Makeup Remover Breakdown

I’ve tried virtually every makeup remover under the sun (or at least it feels like it) so I’m doing a comprehensive post on all the ones I’ve tried so you guys can know which ones are really good, which ones are just okay, and which ones are really bad. I’m sorting them by brand and telling you which ones I’ve tried and if there are any more from that brand I’ve missed.
In general I categorize really good ones by removing 99% of my makeup, good removes all except my most stubborn foundation and a good chunk of eye makeup, and bad is of course, just bad. I’ll be ranking them from 1 to 10 with a bit about why I like or dislike it. Products marked with at 10! means that I loved it and it’s a holy grail product for me.

If I didn’t give you enough info about each one, most of these have individual reviews if you just search for them on the blog. I apologize in advice I don’t always have a specific photo of the packaging. Some of these reviews were in empties videos or my previous drugstore brand breakdown videos.

If there is something that I disliked that you like understand that this is all based on my skin and skin preferences and each person’s skin and preferences are different.



Pictured top row white packaging Ideal Clean, and red packaging in right photo is the Revitalift Wipes.


Tried: Revitalift Makeup Remover Wipes , Ideal Clean Makeup Remover Wipes, Liquid Eye Makeup Remover (blue). Ranks in order: 7, 6, 8.

Both of these wipes are decent, but not a lot to write home about. I liked the revitalift slightly more than the ideal clean, although one of my friends said that she didn’t like the scent. Neither had super strong scents. The liquid eye makeup remover was quite good, but I docked points because it smelled extremely strong of a weird floral scent. I don’t think scents in skincare should be strong and so even though the product was good I won’t be repurchasing it. Overall decent but not overwhelmingly good products.

Have not tried: liquid eye makeup remover (green)

*The liquid eye makeup remover I have not tried would just be slightly stronger than the blue one as it would be formulated for waterproof eye makeup but essentially the same product. Therefore it is likely the review of the blue one would apply.


Refreshing remover is in first photo, and top row second product is the Clean + Soothing, and second row first product is the Clean + Purifying.


Tried: Micellar Cleansing Water Waterproof (blue cap), Clean + Purifying Wipes, Clean + Refresh Makeup Wipes, Clean + Soothing Wipes. Ranks in order 5, 8, 8, 8.

Starting with the wipes, I really like all of the Garnier Wipes I’ve tried. All three that I’ve tried have been lightly but nice scents, saturated and removed most of my makeup (although not all). They were quite good and I think my favorite was the black packing Clean + Purifying. The Micellar water I wasn’t as big of a fan of. It removed my makeup but left a residue and got in my eyes a lot so it seemed like it filmed my vision. It happened every single time I did it. It’s also felt like there was oil in it even though it claims it has none.

Have not tried: Micellar Cleansing Water Regular (pink cap), Micellar Cleansing Water Mattifying (green cap), Micellar Makeup remover wipes.

*The Michellar water with the pink cap is the same as the one with the blue cap except slightly less strong since the blue was formulated for waterproof makeup. Therefore the review could apply. **I would also like to note there has been some controversy surrounding the Garnier Micellar water and its ingredients. I have not done the research myself but I would advise research into all ingredients you use in your skincare and makeup.

img_5694182 img_2494


Tried: Eye Makeup Remover Wipes, Simple Micellar Water, Cleansing Makeup Wipes, Exfoliating Makeup Wipes, Micellar Wipes, Oil Balancing Wipes, Radiance Wipes. Ranks in Order: 4, 10!, 7, 4, 8, 9, 7.

So first let me say I just recently got the simple micellar water and now I understand why everyone is so obsessed with it because this stuff is amazing! It removes ALL my makeup doesn’t leave a residue which almost all liquid makeup remover stuff does. My eyes were really irritated a couple weeks ago and this was so soothing to put on them to remove all my makeup. New holy grail.

Now when it comes to the wipes I’m not as big of a fan, and really find that the eye makeup remover pads, cleansing and exfoliating ones fall a bit short. They remove my makeup but not enough. The eye makeup pads and the exfoliating are kind of rough on my skin. The radiant is a bit better but the oil balancing is the best by far. It’s really good at removing everything. So in terms of wipes I would really only recommend you guys try the oil balancing ones.

Have not tried: Dual Action liquid eye makeup remover.



Night calming is pictured in first photo as the center product.


Tried: Makeup Remover Wipes (light blue, Naturals Makeup Remover Wipes (green), Night Calming Wipes (purple), Hydrating Wipes (darker blue), Deep Clean Wipes (orange), Acne and oily remover wipes (pink), oil free liquid eye makeup remover, Ranks in order: 6, 7, 10!, 9, 1, 2, 2.

I’ve done a Neutogena round up before but it didn’t include the hydrating or the naturals types. First the Deep Clean is awful. It smells horrible like nail polish and BURNS your skin. Don’t get it. The Grapefruit one has an incredibly strong scent that stays for a good thirty minutes before it fades even a little. It’s not great at removing makeup, but I find that it’s most likely made for an post gym sweat shesh to make you feel refreshed. That is what I would recommend it for. The blue makeup remover wipes is a good base since almost everyone seems to know it and it’s fairly decent. It removes enough but does need to be followed up with a cleanser to get everything. The Hydrating and the Night Calming however get everything. The main difference between the two for me is that I love the night calming scent and I hate the hydrating one. The hydrating one is really good, and comes with a eye makeup remover lotion in the same scent, but the smell gives me such a headache I can’t use it. The night calming however is my holy grail. The eye makeup remover is also not something I’m a big fan of because it says oil free and it made my eyes feel like I had rubbed olive oil all over them. It got into my eyes and was not at all worth it for me.

Have not tried: extra gentle eye makeup remover pads, eye makeup remover lotion (hydrating).


Pictured top row first product is the Clear Complexion Makeup Remover Wipes


Tried: Clear Complexion Makeup Remover Wipes, Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads. Ranks in Order: 8, 9.

The Almay Clear Complexion wipes were pretty good. You’ll hear me say a lot of these types of products are pretty good because they are, but most makeup wipes remove only 80% of you makeup and are just not standout. This one is good but forgettable because it’s like so many others. The eye makeup wipes are really good as well and get 99% off with 4 pads, but they smell like nail polish. They don’t sting your eyes but the smell is enough to turn me off.

Have not tried: Eye Makeup Remover Sticks, Gentle liquid eye makeup remover, Gentle waterproof liquid eye makeup remover, waterproof makeup remover pads, oil free makeup remover wipes.


Pictured bottom row first product Ultra Calming Wipes.


Tried: Positively Radiant Makeup Remover Wipes, Ultra Calming Makeup Remover Wipes. Ranks in Order: 7, 8.

I like the Ultra Calming Wipes, and I’m neutral towards the Positively Radiant ones. The Ultra Calming have a nice, you guessed it, calming scent and remove around 90% of my makeup. The Positively Radiant are good but just slightly less than the previous ones. Both decent products.

Have not tried: that’s it they only have those two wipes.


Burt’s Bees

Tried; Grapefruit Wipes, Sensitive Cotton Wipes, Cucumber Wipes, and Eye Makeup Remover Pads. Ranks in Order: 1, 1, 1, 8.

Burts Bees Wipes are crap. Total crap. Sorry to say if you like them, but I totally disliked them. They have weirdly rough wipes that are not very saturated with product and you have to rub so roughly to get even half your makeup off. That being said the brand redeemed itself a bit for me with their eye makeup remover since they were quite good and gets all your makeup off with 4 pads. They also don’t have a weird scent which so many eye makeup removers do. Totally would recommend these although they aren’t as amazing as my Simple Micellar Water.

Have not tried; Peach Wipes.

img_4691156 img_5713

Pictured: First picture bottom right corner Yes to Tomatoes in the red packaging, Yes to Cucumbers in the green. Last Photo: top row last product is Yes to Argan Oil in brown packaging. Bottom right corner Yes to Grapefruit in pink packaging.

Yes to Brand

Tried: Yes to Blueberries, Yes to Tomatoes, Yes to Grapefruit, Yes to Argan Oil, Yes to Cucumbers. Ranks in order: 7, 6, 6, 1, 6.

The Yes to Brand has neutral level wipes with the Grapefruit, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Blueberries. I rank the blueberries one slightly higher because I like the scent more, but none of the scents are super strong and they remove a decent amount, although not all, of your makeup. The crappy one is the Argan Oil. I had to rub my skin so hard to get my makeup off at night it made my skin red and my eyes got irritated.

Have not tried; Yes to Cotton comforting wipes, Yes to Tomatoes detoxifying charcoal wipes, and Yes to Coconut wipes.


Hawaiian 3 in 1 is pictured top row middle product.

Alba Botanica

Tried: Hawaiian 3 in 1 towelettes. Rank: 4.

These are not the greatest. They have an OK pineapple scent, and are vegetarian and natural which is nice but the wipes are rough and are not at all anything to write home about. I would not recommend because while they aren’t awful, neither are they that good.

Have not tried: Hawaiian detox towelettes, Acnedote towelettes, Even Advanced Eye Makeup Remover.



Clean and Clear

Tried: Makeup Dissolving Remover Wipes, Night Relaxing Remover Wipes. Ranks in order: 10!, 8.

I love the Makeup Dissolving Wipes and I very much Dislike the Night Relaxing ones. Both are good products, great products actually as the Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving is one of my holy grails, but the Night Relaxing has the exact same scent as the Neutrogena Hydrating Wipes. It bothers me so much I can’t use them but if it doesn’t bother you, you would love it.

Have not tried: That’s it.

Covergirl wipes are pictured bottom row four from right.


Covergirl Clean wipes are pictured bottom row four from left.


Tried: Clean Makeup Remover Wipes, Clean Lips and Eyes Remover Lotion. Ranks: 3, 1.

These are awful wipes and a horrid eye makeup remover. The wipes are bad at removing makeup and smell weird and gross. Their eye makeup remover lotion is even worse. It smells like rotting yogurt (no joke) and doesn’t do anything.

Have not tried: That’s it.


Pictured Elf wipes top product.


Tried: Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, Eye Makeup Remover Pads. Rank 10!, 1.

The ELF Face makeup remover wipes are so good! This is my third holy grail remover product. It’s got a really nice scent although I can’t really describe it, very saturated wipes, and are gentle on my skin. The eye pads are awful though, go figure, they don’t remove anything please don’t buy them.

Have not tried: Makeup Remover Pen, Makeup Remover Exfoliating Wipes, Kiss it goodbye lip remover.



Pond’s Original Fresh is the second product, and the Evening Sooth is the second photo.


Tried: Original Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes, Evening Sooth Wipes, Exfoliating Wipes. Rank in order: 8, 9, 7.

Pond’s has made a cold cream since my grandmother was a kid, and people swear by it. I’ve never tried it myself but these wipes are quite good. The original and night calming are the same formula it’s just the night calming is lavender scented. The exfoliating wipes have a citrus scent with exfoliating beads which I’m not a huge fan of although they aren’t bad. The formula of this is weirdly super soapy but it doesn’t irritate your skin and neither does it leave a residue. It’s a solid A product.

Have not tried: Luminous Clean Remover Wipes (grapefruit scented).


Pictured in second photo bottom right corner light pink packaging is the Jasmine Wipes.


Tried: Purify Coconut Makeup Remover Wipes, Jasmine Makeup Remover Wipes. Ranks: 5, 4.

Pacifica is a vegan and cruelty free brand but as I’ve found with a lot of natural brands makeup remover, I’m not a big fan of their wipes. The Coconut and Jasmine scents are very overpowering and cloying, the Jasmine worse than the Coconut. The wipes are super saturated which is the #1 thing I look for since that always seems to make removing my makeup easier. This over didn’t have that so it just made the whole process harder. If you don’t mind the scents or don’t wear a lot of makeup though you might like these, especially if you like super natural products.

Have not tried: Kale, Cactus Water or Coconut Micellar Water, Super Detox Wipes, Enzymatic Wipes, Cactus Water Wipes, Essential Wipes.

002img_1674 0032

In order from left to right: See spot Swipe, Wet Cleansing Cloths, and bottom left corner Everything Off Wipes.


Tried: Olay Cleansing Cloths, Regenerist Micro Exfoliating Wipes, See Spot Swipe Acne and Oil Reducing Exfoliating Wipes, Fresh Effects Everything Off Wipes. Rank in Order: 8, 6, 9, 6.

Olay is not a brand I hear a lot of people talk about especially their makeup wipes. Olay actually has a lot of makeup removers or cleansing cloth style products. It surprised me because I really genuinely liked all of these. Some of them were better than others but none of them were bad. The Cleansing Clothes which look genuinely looks like something you would sanitize your hands with but it removed so much of my makeup. The See Spot Swipe wipes I discovered last year and it’s a super exfoliating wipe. It smells like tangerine and mint a good scented combo strong but not enough to bother you. It’s so exfoliating that it removes all of your face makeup and leaves your skin feeling super fresh. It is kind of harsh so you could do it every other day to give your skin a break, and you can’t not at all use it around your eyes but to remove face makeup it’s amazing. The fresh effects everything off wipes I tried two years ago but I remember it being decent, but not amazing as it removed most but not all of my makeup. The Micro Regenerist was also good I preferred it slightly to the everything off wipes, but again it removed most but not all of my makeup.

Have not tried:  Olay Makeup Remover Wipes, Daily Facials Water Activated Cloths, Total Effects Deep Pore Wipes, Clearly Clean Oil Reducing Wipes.



Tried: Gentle Skin Cleansing Clothes. Rank: 7

Good wipes, rectangular shaped and very long which was unusual, since most are square, but decent at removing my makeup. An OK product.

Have not tried: Gentle Makeup Remover Cloths.


Under the Sheets left photo, Eye makeup remover right photo.

Wet n Wild

Tried: Under the sheets makeup remover wipes, Liquid Eye Makeup Remover (purple packaging) Rank in order: 7, 7.

The purple eye makeup remover might be discontinued because I couldn’t find it on the website, which is good because while it was an ok product, it smelled like cleaning fluid. Straight up smelled like simple green. It didn’t sting my eyes or anything but it sure made me nervous to use it. The wipes were decent, but not amazing much like a lot of other wipes at the drugstore.

Have not tried: Micellar Cleansing Water.


Pictured in upper right corner.


Tried: Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. Rank: 8

I really liked this remover when I tried it. It’s gentle, good at removing and doesn’t have a scent. The one issue I had when I first tried this was that I went though the bottle in a week. No joke. It was bizarre. Other than that I really liked it.

Have not tried: That’s It.


Pictured top product white packaging Beautiful Skin Remover.


Tried: Beautiful Skin Remover Wipes, Rank: 5.

These are decent wipes. I remember I wasn’t as big of a fan as the Neutrogena blue wipes which I tend to place on the high side of average, but they aren’t awful. I would pass over them personally because they just aren’t great enough to spend your money on.

Have not tried: Gentle liquid eye makeup remover, quick thinking makeup remover wipes.



Tried: Expert Eyes Makeup Remover Waterproof (blue cap) Expert Eyes Makeup Remover (pink cap). Rank: 7 & 7.

Both of these are exactly the same as the Rimmel Eye makeup remover except that both of these have floral scents. Good products but if I had to choose between one that is scented and one that isn’t I’ll choose the non-scented version.

Have not tried: That’s it.


Physicians Formula

Tried: Eye makeup remover lotion. Rank: 8.

This is a really great eye makeup remover. In fact I would probably rank my Simple Micellar, The Burts Bees Pads, and then this in terms of what I like. I’d never tried a lotion that I had liked but this was really gentle, breaks down everything, and doesn’t get into my eyes.

Have not tried: Gentle Cleansing Lotion Normal to Dry.


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