A Bunch Of Maybelline Mascara


At my work recently a bunch of makeup went on sale which never happens and I sort of couldn’t help myself.  Maybelline fun fact, as in the founder Maybelline, invented mascara which at first was in a cake container you brushed onto your eyelashes, after the founder watched his sister make her own concoction to help her lashes stand out during the Victorian ages where makeup was heavily shamed as it was associated with “women of the night”.

The Turbo Volume Lash isn’t even on the website and is on the bottom of the shelf (I bought this one at Walmart & the others at my work) so I think this must be a fairly old school product. It’s got a wetter formula although not so much that you have to be super careful when applying it. The wand is fluffy feeling and gives long and voluminous lashes. It does smudge quite a bit on the upper lashline which all of these do.  I wear eyeliner every day though so it isn’t really a big deal. It’s good and I’ve been liking it but it definitely isn’t the best I’ve tried. It’s a solid B+ or A- kind of mascara.


This is my favorite of these mascaras. It was released I think last year or the year before. It’s got a super wet formula and has the same kind of wand that The Rocket mascara has in that it’s super spiky. It’s curved which gives a lift at the corner of your eye which I love and gives you super long lashes. Totally would recommend it! A++


This is the third one that I have been loving from the mascaras I bought. It’s got a wet formula but not so much that it splatters on your upper lid like the lash sensational does (only drawback on that one) It’s got a fluffy wand that gives volume and length and can get a bit clumpy, but I don’t really mind a little bit of clump as long as my lashes are fairly separate. I was surprised that I did like it only because people usually hate semi clumpy formulas and I expected I would do. I would say try it out it’s quite good.


These are the mascaras I’ve found to be just okay. This is a more dry formula and the wand is curved and is meant to lift the corner of your lashes. However I’ve found that with drier forumlas you have to work more to build them up, so while this does give me volume, it’s just not enough. It’s not bad and if you prefer drier formula’s you might like it. It’s just sort of a meh.


This one was also a meh. The formula again is drier and the wand for your top lashes is meant to make the lashes longest in the center which makes your eyes appear more round. However I prefer my eyes to look more elongated so the top for personal preference didn’t appeal to me. The bottom one however I did really like as it was nice building up my lashes both top and bottom, but it’s not worth buying it just for the bottom mascara.


This mascara I’m fairly sure everyone knows about. This is the original formula and wand shape although they have expanded to I think three more formulas in the Great Lash range. I just thought this gave me very natural looking lashes and smudged way heavily on my upper lashline. I’m just not a natural mascara fan, I really prefer the so long they might be falsies, so this just didn’t cut it for me.


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