New Makeup Stuff


This is some more makeup I’ve been trying lately. I ran out of my eyeliner, primer, and brow pencil while down in Memphis and I bought the Cushion Foundation at the end of this month, and the other foundation and mascara just to try.

This brow palette I was very excited to try because I’m more of a fan of applying my brows with a brush. It comes with a gel, a powder, and then a light highlighting shade. The packaging is quite big and sort of bulky with two spots for a spooli and a eyebrow brush. However they could have made the packaging smaller as each little brush could fit in on slot. I am not super impressed by this because the gel is somewhat stiff and the powder is just average. For the price of $12 this isn’t worth it.


This is this super whipped formula that honestly looks like a mousse dessert. It’s very soft and applied almost like a powder foundation. It looks powdery and is not at all full coverage. It’s actually incredibly light. I’ve been applying it with a brush and that works pretty well. It looks sort of dry but at the same time it’s so light coverage I kind of like it. It doesn’t last a super long time though so you have to be careful about that. It’s a very weird product but I think I do like it.


What the foundation looks like on my skin.


This is one of the old school Maybelline Mascara as you can tell but the old school simple packaging. It’s raved about by Lauren Conrad and a couple of other people. I like it, it gave my eyelashes a super natural fluffy look, but I do have to warn you it smudges like crazy on the upper lashline. I think for me it’s just kind of a Meh mascara.

img_5684 img_5687

I’m happy to say this is one of the Maybelline foundations that does look decent on my skin. I have oily skin that also is dry and almost every Maybelline foundation looks super dry on me. This one can in some spots, but overall gives a matte but nice finish. It’s a light coverage and with a primer lasts a decently long time. I like it better than the L’Oreal cushion foundation because this one provides a more natural coverage where as the other is super glowy and can look a little shiny.


What the foundation looks like on my skin.

img_5799 img_5803

Another old school Maybelline product. This eyeliner is really good. It’s very black and matte, with a soft flexible felt tip wand that makes it pretty easy to apply and to draw a wing. It’s relatively easy to draw both a thin and thick line and it lasts all day. You guys totally should go out and buy it.


This is the last of the Tru Blend primers I have to try. This one is formulated for dry skin and feels a lot like a moisturizer. I’m happy to report that it also is decently good at moisturizing but doesn’t make your skin overly dewy or anything. The smell of this though kills me, it actually makes me gag. I would not recommend it based on the smell alone, because it’s disgusting.


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