Secret Sister Gift

We do secret sister for Distinguished Young Women during the program. It’s a bonding thing and for our particular program we do it three different times, once during a practice a couple weeks in, one during the sleepover, and one the day or (or before) the final program. The second time my secret sister got me this AMAZING gift. I obviously loved it because I love makeup and so I thought I would tell you about.

She gave me a Hempz Power body shot moisturizer in the strengthen + hydrate formula. It smells legit like a carbonated fruity soda. It smells a bit like cranberries and citrus and it’s amazing.

The second thing she gave me was a The Balm Nude Tude palette. I’ve been really wanting to try stuff from The Balm and the only thing I’ve ever tried is stuff I got in my Ipsy bag. The palette consists of twelve shades, four matte and seven shimmers. The first row consists of the shades: Sassy, Stubborn, Selfish, Sophisticated, Sexy and Serious. The first four are all shimmers with a  white-white, pale pink, grey taupe and a dark cool toned brown and then a matte dark plum and matte black. The second row are the shades: Snobby, Stand-offish, Sultry, Seductive, Silly, and Sleek. Sultry and Sleek are the two matte colors with Sultry being a medium brown crease shade and Sleek a dark expresso brown although it comes out more of a black. Snobby is a shimmery cream-yellow, Stand-offish a shimmer champagne pink, Seductive a warm toned shimmery brown, and Silly a dark brown that has chunky glitter. Silly is the only color in the palette that’s a little off. The formula is soft and kicks up a fair bit of powder but I honestly prefer that kind of formula because it blends much better. It’s a lovely palette and I’m so excited I got it.

The last gift was another The Balm product. This is a blush called balm beach and they have a new blush they just released called Balm Springs which is a light pink and a cool toned bronzer called Balm Desert. This particular blush is a matte light peach which is perfect for my skin tone.


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