Love statue with my best friend.

The week of March 13-18 I went to New York City to attend the National High School Model United Nations conference. It was quite an adventure. The actual conference occurred from Wednesday March 15th to Saturday March 18th and we got home on Saturday at 1 am. In an unfortunate series of events we did not actually arrive in New York city until Wednesday although we had flights booked and set for Monday. On Monday we met at the high school and then drove to Spokane for our afternoon flight. Our original flight was set to fly us to the Seattle airport, then a straight shot to Newark, New Jersey and then drive to our hotel in New York city. The Blizzard Storm Stella caused our flight to be canceled from Seattle to Newark and we spent the night in Spokane. I spent the night at my friends house in Spokane who was going on the trip while the others stayed in the hotel and we spent some time at the downtown Spokane mall while our teacher figured out our flight. We wet set to wake up at 3 am the next morning to fly from Spokane to Portland and then Portland to Newark.

Tuesday was meant to be our sightseeing day but upon waking up and starting to drive to the airport, at 3 am mind you, we found out our flight was cancelled again. We then had flights arranged to fly to Portland at six am and then flight to San Jose at 5 pm, spend the night in San Jose and then fly out the next morning and get to New York at 4 pm just in time for the opening ceremony. That is what we did so we sent our suitcases straight to New York, and spend six plus hours in the PDX airport, flew to San Jose and spent the night there. We all felt pretty gross by that point and tired since we had been in the same close for three days and traveling out of our way but we did get to New York on Wednesday. Opening ceremony was at 4 and then our flight committee session was at 8 or 9. I was on the Committee called the World Health Organization, which is a GA main in the United Nations. I was the country Malawi and our topics were A. Providing Mental Health Access in Areas of Conflict and B. Research and Support of Genomics for Global Health Benefit.

Since we missed our sightseeing day our advisor let us put in our previous activities in certain spaces so Thursday morning the whole group went to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That was a dream, I’ve wanted to see the Egyptian wing ever since I read From the Mixed Up Files of Miss Basil E Fankweiler in elementary school. ( The book, in case you are unfamiliar is about two children who run away from home and live for a month in the met museum). Then later some of us went to the afternoon committee and several of us went to see the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) I love art museums so I went and I got to see Jackson Pollock, Starry Night and Andy Warhol’s Campbell soup cans. We had a second committee session and that was Thursday. Friday we had two committee sessions and then a group dinner at Kellari’s Taverna, and then saw Wicked on Broadway. The set was gorgeous and Glinda’s character was hilarious. The delegate dance was that night and then bed. Saturday we all had to get up early and go get breakfast and then we walked to the UN and had a quick stop at Saint Patrick Cathedral. The opening ceremony at the UN was so cool simply because we were in the UN and then we had to run home, change and then get on the bus to fly home. (Fortunately none of those flights were cancelled.) We flew Newark to Seattle and then Seattle to Spokane and then drove home. It was a very busy and whirlwind week!



Top of the Rock

Only successful western business attire picture from the whole trip + the view from the 41st floor of our hotel.

Art pieces and photos from The Met

All below art pieces from the New York MOMA



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