DYW 2017

At the sleepover

Last Saturday was the final program for the Distinguished Young Women class of 2018. Since I won the title of fist finalist (2nd place or first runner-up whatever phrase you would like the best) I had the job of helping mentoring the juniors this year who participated. it was really fun, much less stressful than last year and incredible to meet these girls who were a much closer group than the year I participated. We had eight girls, the top three and then three girls from last year help out. The show went really well and my best friend actually placed as second finalist. I thought I would share some of the pictures because it’s a little weird to wrap my head around that I’m done, since I devoted two years to the program.

sleepover photos

The cutest photo that occurred after I left my phone in the room with them.

The top three and forget me nots.


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