Ipsy March

This is my Ipsy bag for March! I realize that I put these posts up really late, but my Ipsy bag never usually comes until the second week and then this month I was gone and it was nuts so I didn’t have time to put it up until today. This month’s bag theme was Tres Jolie and I loved how all the products packaging matched the bag and was all rosy and white and pretty. The bag this month I thought I wasn’t going to like because it’s got this netting on one side, but it’s larger than normal and I do rather like it. I recieved:

Skone Cosmetics Crease Brush $18

I have recieved a skone cosmetics brush before and thought it was nice quality. This is a synthetic blending brush that I’ve been using for my crease and I think it’s been doing a good job. It’s a bit large for my eyes but it works at blending all the colors together.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighting brow pencil $18 (this product comes in multiple shades for different skin tones!)

I’ve heard mixed feelings about this brow pencil but to my pleasant surprise I did like this. It’s an ivory color that does need to be set after it’s blended but helps create a subtle highlight under your brow bone.

Tarte Tartist Liquid Lipstick in Rose (Cruelty free) $20

I love receiving things from tarte. This was their liquid lipstick which released one or two years ago, although I’m not sure when the specific shade released.  I swatched this and let it dry and when I went to remove it it would not budge. It’s a pretty dry liquid lipstick formula but it’s thin and applied in one clean swipe. It is rather liquidy so someone who struggles with applying may want to put on a lip liner, but it doesn’t bleed so it would only be helpful for applying.

Neogen Coconut Milk Foaming Face Cleanser $23 full sized (obviously I received a sample size)

I haven’t had a ton of chances to use this but it’s a gentle foaming cleanser that you apply to you face as a thick white cleanser and then becomes a foam upon the addition of water. It doesn’t smell and although my skin feels clean and slightly stripped ( I would recommend following up with moisturizer) it doesn’t leave your skin feeling super tight. I like it.

So Susan Blush and Glow in Rose Rust (Vegan and Cruelty Free) $22.95 not sure if I recieved full sized or not but I believe it’s a deluxe size. It’s a shimmery pinky peachy blush that is both a blush and somewhat of a highlight. It’s pretty but I found that it is a bit to shimmery for me and doesn’t last on my skin the whole day. Good but not amazing product and my vegan Seraphine Botanicals blush lasts longer.



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