Anastasia Beverly Hills X Nichole Guerriero Glow Kit

When I was in New York my mom and brother had gone to Boise for his Aca Deca competition. While they were there the team had some time to kill and had gone to the Boise mall. My mom is not someone who wears makeup, but she wandered into Sephora and bought me this! It’s the newest Anastasia glow kit done in a collab with Nichole Guerriero who apparently is a very popular youtuber. I was so excited so thanks mom!

It’s a gorgeous highlighter palette with a pretty unique range of colors. We have a classic pink, white, and gold, and then a kind of purple toned one, a more orangy-pink one and a cooler bronze color. I know some people were expressing concerns about if lighter skinned individuals could be able to wear these colors but I’ve tried them and they all work for me. (I’m pretty darn pale in case you hadn’t notice) The colors are VERY in your face. You can apply them lightly but they almost look better as a bah bam highlighter. Another thing to note is that they are way more glittery than I thought they would be. In my Kat Von D highlighter palette the highlights apply like a sheen where these look more like physical glitter highlights. I like them but it just surprised me. None of the colors have a difference in formula, my favorite being either Forever Young or Daydream. My least favorite is actually Forever Lit, the white color, as the glitter in that is a bit more chunky and obvious than in the other colors. It’s still good though. Overall a beautiful palette!

Top Row: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Day Dream
Bottom Row: Forever Lit, Glo Getter, 143

Swatches from left to right: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Day Dream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter, 143.


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