Brand Breakdown: Hard Candy Primers

I meant to do this ages ago but oh well. Finally getting back to my Brand Breakdown series. Today is a brand breakdown of the Hard Candy primers. Hard Candy is a brand sold exclusively at Walmart and is cruelty free according to the label (it may not be officially cruelty free in that they sell to China so I would check PETA or Harmony House to find out because I’m not sure). I don’t have every single primer they sell here but there is a reason for that. The brand has recently put out two new primers which I will be trying and will add to the breakdown later. Here are the ones I do have:

Sheer Envy Pore Defense Primer Serum 10/10

I loved this primer! It came with a pump and a huge amount of product it took me forever to get through it all. It is this super hydrating feeling primer that makes your skin feel very dewy after applying it. I felt like it made my skin almost feel tighter too. It said serum on the bottle and I’m not sure if it actually had any skincare benefits but it made my skin feel amazing before I put on primer. It also helped my foundation to last much longer through the day. A+ product and I hear no one talking about it!

Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist 7/10

This is a good product, although wasn’t my favorite as I’m not a huge fan of primer mists. It’s this super dewy spray that comes out of a decent nozzle (the mist wasn’t mac fix+ fine but it didn’t soak random parts of your face either) I think it would be much better on people with dry skin as a whole. I have dry skin but only in small areas and so this more made my face look insanely dewy almost greasy than anything else. It’s quite a good product but just not perfect for my skin type.

Fast and Fabulous Sheer Envy 12 hour long wear face primer. 8/10

This was on the opposite ends of the spectrum as a very mattifying primer. It’s this slightly yellow tinted primer that makes your skin nicely matte and helps control oil and extend the wear time of your foundation. Some oil can come through I think if you’ve got incredibly oily skin but I quite liked this and it definitely was a difference in the oil coming through my foundation.

Sheer Envy Primer
There are six different versions of this and I tried the ultra light formula. 1/10

I hated this. This was this super weird and gloppy formula that was somehow powdery when you rubbed it into your skin even though it was a creme product. It gave me the same feeling as the smashbox pore minimizing primer did which I hate if you guys have ever tried that primer. It didn’t seem to do anything for my skin and I refused to try any other the other versions of this since they all have the same powdery gloopy feel. Ugh.


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