Brand Breakdown: Flower Beauty & Hard Candy Brow Products

I’ve combined both of these brand breakdowns because neither Flower Beauty or Hard Candy have a lot of brow products and it seemed it would better to have it done together. Hard Candy has three brow products total the brows now brow kit, the brow ink which is a brow gel, and the brows now! fiber gel and highlighter. I mention them in the order they are pictured. Flower Beauty also has three brow products although I only tried two. There is the brow master brow gel, the draw the line brow pencil and the take a brow eyebrow kit which I don’t have. I didn’t want to try the flower beauty brow kit because it had these two really green tinted powder and then an almost black one and I’m not going to try to make my eyebrows green. So now onto the reviews.

I liked all the hard candy products I tried although none of them blew me away. The brow kit comes with a highlighter and wax on one side and two different shaded powders on the other. The highlighter is really dry even though it’s a cream and I’m not a fan of wax so I only really used the powder side. It was decent but I prefer the rimmel brow kit. The brow ink was my favorite of the three. It’s this super small brush that you can brush through and then it makes your brows stay all day. I used it with powder although you could use it on its own. The brows now! fiber gel I also really liked. The highlighter side was crap but the gel which had actual fibers in it to make your brows bushier was really nice. It has a super small brush kind of the size of the benefit gimme brow and it helped my brows last a long time. I would say of the three try the brows ink, although you could also try the fiber brow gel, just know that your going to be paying for only one side of the product.

Now for the Flower Beauty products. The brow gel was decent but I didn’t use it because the packaging was so bizarre. First off it has a top which is this duo sided brush covered by a plastic cap. I’m not a huge fan of that type of brush for brow and then trying to actually open it to get to the brow gel is ridiculously hard. Once you actually get it open the wand is stupidly big and can end up on your face if you aren’t careful. Overall even though the product is OK I don’t like it and wouldn’t recommend it. The brow pencil is actually really nice. It’s just a spooli on one side and the pencil on the other and the pencil is a pretty good color match. It’s a mix of a creamy and dry formula which I like because I tend to prefer creamier brow products. I would say go out and try this!


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