Empties #7

Another round of empties!

Top row: Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Lotion, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Styling Creme, Ponds Makeup Remover Wipes Relaxing Version, John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo, Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation.

I liked this Vaseline lotion but my biggest gripe with it was the packaging. This was so hard to get the product out and after I used a fair amount I couldn’t get the last little bit from the bottle. So I’m not repurchasing this because I don’t want to have it be a battle to get my moisturizer out every day. The living proof was something I got in an Ipsy bag and was really nice at helping smooth my ends and make them less frizzy. I really liked it. The Ponds makeup remover wipes are one of my favorites always good and gentle at getting my makeup off. The John Frieda shampoo I bought back when I first went blonde and it was OK but it did seem to tint my hair a darker blonde than helping it stay light and platinum which is what I initially intended to have. This Maybelline dream fresh cushion was good and I liked it, it was light and a satin finish, but cushion foundations always dry out really fast so that’s annoying.

Row two: Eucerin hand repair cream, Neutrogena Naturals lip balm, Neutrogena Lip Moisterizer, Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lavender lip balm, Wet n Wild flat-topped brush, ELF daily face cleanser, Burts Bees Eye Makeup Remover.

This hand cream is my favorite it’s so good. It’s great for if your hands are cracked and super dry because it fixes them in about a day. I’m quite proud of myself that I went through three lips balms without loosing any. Of the three my favorite I liked the Neutrogena Lip Moisterizer the best although not my favorite of all time. The Neutrogena naturals is made from all natural oils which is nice but I wasn’t a huge fan of the texture and I didn’t feel like it did a lot. The Jersey Shore Cosmetics one was good but I have the same one but in peppermint and I prefer that scent. and the formula is a bit thinner. If you like lavender though you would like it. I’m getting rid of this Wet n Wild flat-topped brush because while it’s good, it never gets completely clean (never ever) and it’s grossing me out. The Elf daily face cleanser was an average face cleanser that leaves your skin feeling a little stripped but clean, The packaging broke right after I used it so it leaked product out all the time and wouldn’t close, so I wouldn’t recommend it. The Burts Bees Eye Makeup Remover I did feature on my Drugstore Makeup Remover Breakdown and it is the only makeup remover from Burts Bees I like. It’s pretty good although you need four wipes to fully clean each eye. It doesn’t have a scent and nice and gentle.

Bottom Row: Tarte Maracuja Oil, Maybelline Master Precise Eyebrow pencil, Smashbox pore minimizing primer, Bellapierre Cosmetics Volumelash waterproof mascara, Covergirl Trublend for oily skin.

I received the tarte maracujia oil in one of my Ipsy bags and at first I didn’t like it, but by the end I did. I mixed it with my moizterizer at night and it really helped with the small dry patches on my skin. The Maybelline Master Precise pencil was a decent eyebrow pencil. It was very creamy (almost to creamy) and while I like that in brow products it made going through the product so much faster. The smashbox pore minimizing primer I also got in an ipsy bag and I’m glad I did because I feel like it didn’t do anything for my foundation or skin. It had a weird texture too that I wasn’t a fan of so I’ll stick to my Maybelline blurring primer. The bellapierra mascara was CRAP and did not lengthen or do anything for my lashes. The covergirl trublend for oily skin was ok but I definitely have other drugstore primers I prefer.


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