Brand Breakdown: Hard Candy Mascara

Products from top to bottom: Biggest Fan mascara, 1,000 lashes lash primer, Lash ink mascara, 1,000 lashes mascara, Lashaholic big fake mascara, Ginormous lash mascara, Walk the line liquid liner, Sky’s the limit eye shadow primer, Take me out liner.

I would say all six of Hard Candy’s mascaras disappointed me. All of them seemed targeted at having super dramatic false lash looking results and all of them seemed to come out looking either really natural or really crappy. The biggest fan mascara, the lashaholic, and ginormous lash all have these really comically large wands and deliver these super natural looking lashes. Not bad necessarily but not what I look for in a mascara. The lash ink mascara formula was increadbily wet and when you dried to apply it to your lashes it splattered all over your eyelids. The 1,000 lash primer was mediocure and did not really even coat the lashes completely. When you follow it up with 1,000 lash mascara when the primer is dried it clumps and doesn’t add anything, but when the primer is wet it doesn’t do anything either. The eye shadow primer is ok but it’s the powdery which I’m not a huge fan of. The take me out liner is an average liner doesn’t smuge too much but does last all day. The walk the line liner I quite like it’s thick and black with a brush wand. You have to let it dry because it smudges on your upper lashline but this is my favorite product of this post.

*The other hard cany liners will be coming in another post.


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