Brand Breakdown: Hard Candy Liquid Liners

Somehow I lost the picture where I have a full picture of every single one of the liners, so I only have these. I wasn’t going to to the post but I wanted to review all the eyeliners so I am going to write about even though the photos aren’t great. Hard Candy has another eyeliner called walk the line which I reviewed in my last post. They also have two pencil liners one called stay in line which I haven’t tried, and one called take me out which I reviewed in the last Hard Candy post.

In order the eyeliners are:  All day eyeliner, Stroke of Gorgeous eyeliner, (blue pictured with the tip) Bold and Gorgeous fat and fine eyeliner, Bold and Gorgeous high drama (Pink pictured with the tip), and bold and gorgeous dare to flick felt eyeliner.

So all of these are liquid liners, the all day eyeliner and walk the line are the only one without a felt tip walk the line being a brush tip and the all day eyeliner being a hard plastic tip. The all day eyeliner I really disliked because it was a hard plastic rectangular tip with a rounded end. It was flat on both sides and the formula was super liquidy so not only was it incredibly difficult to draw the line on it smudged everywhere. It also hurt because the tip was hard and not flexible.

The stroke of gorgeous is your classic felt tip eyeliner where as all the other eyeliners had really usual shapes. The blue bold and gorgeous has a paddle shaped tip, the pink had a 3D snowman shaped one (it was three spheres on top of each other each getting smaller in size), and the yellow bold and gorgeous has an hourglass? shaped tip. I’m not really sure how to describe it. All of them are pretty pigmented and long lasting formulas but the formula does not differ from the liners and so you don’t need to try every one. I think my favorite is the stroke of gorgeous only because  can’t mess with the classic shape. The other shapes of the liner were cool to try but made it really difficult to be precise when making my cat eye and always made my eyeliner insanely thick. It’s fun but not practical for every day.



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