Cruelty Free Nail Polish Declutter

Before                                               After

I’m trying to make a concision effort this year to be more aware of what I’m buying and making sure I’m not buying things that support companies or practices that I don’t support but was unaware they company was doing said thing. In the long run I want to be a conscious consumer. So although I;m not going 100% cold turkey cruelty free right now, I am making edits to part of my beauty/body products to make sure some of them are. Nail polish is a relatively easy thing to start with and I already had a fair amount I needed to cut down on. I use the websites: PETA, crueltry-free kitty, ethical elephant and logical harmony to check brand or just google them when I can’t find the brand on those websites. As you can see I reduced my nail polishes by almost half. The brand I kept which are cruelty free are LA colors, Wet n Wild, Milani, Ciate, Jenna Hipp (It’s sold in sets at Costco), Hard Candy, Flower Beauty, Trust Fund Beauty, Sally Girl and Meg Nails. I couldn’t find any information about meg nails online and sally girl was on a pending list on logical harmony but all the rest are confirmed brands.

What I’m getting ride of right and the two I’m keeping until I find dupes of left.

Brands that I had that are not cruelty free-Covergirl, Revlon, L’Oreal, Essie, Clinique, and Sally Hansen.


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