My Makeup Palettes Collection

I thought I would do a similar thing I did in my nail polish declutter post, where I talked about my makeup palette’s and see if they are cruelty free. Turns out all but one palette is! So continue reading to learn about my palette collection.

These are the three Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes. I have the original, semi-sweet, and bon bons palette. I have a full review up on the blog. Since the review I have grown to love them more although I don’t think they are my die hard palettes. They are beautiful though and smell of chocolate. If you are interested in one (or all three) you may want to wait until black friday as I go all three for $90 in a bundle. Normally these are I believe $45 each.

These are my W7 palettes. W7 is a British brand although these palettes are found some places in the states. These palettes are supposed to be exact dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I bought all three of these on Amazon and they are pretty nice palettes. They are cruelty free as Britain outlawed animal testing for quite some time now and W7 does not sell where animal testing is required.

I also have the tarte tartelette in bloom palette, the Lorac pro 1 palette and The Balm nude tude palette. I have reviews of all three up on the blog. All three brands are cruelty free and I love all of these. The Lorac eyeshadow was my first high end eyeshadow palette and has a great mix of matte’s and shimmers. I would recommenced it to any makeup beginner. My favorite palette as of right now is the Tarte Tartelette palette as it’s a mostly matte eyesahdow palette with three shimmery shades. It’s an amazing palette.

This is probably my least favorite eyeshadow palette I own although it certainly has the prettiest packaging. This was my second high end palette I ever got, I received it as a birthday present and it was released as Too Faced Limited Edition Christmas Set two years ago I believe and the quality is not great. I notice it especially now that I own the regular palettes too faced produces. On the whole even though limited edition sets look pretty I would avoid buying them, at least from Too faced. It’s not a bad product, it’s not not on par with what they usually product and I would expect for the price.

These are the only two drugstore eyeshadow palettes I own. I used to own the Maybelline palettes but I got ride of them because they are bad quality. These are great palettes. The wet n wild one is a cheap fantastic quality eight pan eyeshadow palette with beautiful all shimmery colors. Not great just for on it’s own because there are no matte shades but amazing quality for so cheap. The hard candy one also has some pretty decent quality and a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades. It’s good for a beginner and it comes with a little liner and eyeshadow primer.

These are they only none eyeshadow palettes I have. Both are highlighter palettes released this year. I have reviews of both of these up on my blog. The Anastasia palette is a limited edition collab with youtuber nicole guerriero and the other is the Kat Von D alchamist palette which has four holographic out there highlight shades. I love them both.

This is the only non-cruelty free palette that I own. It’s the mac palette that I have three shades in right now: Nylon, Naked Lunch and Vex. I want to find dupes of these shades before I get ride of them (as well as beautiful iris because I have that in a single). I will be keeping the actual palette because the plastic can’t be tested on animals and it would be wasteful to get ride of it when I can fill it with regular cruelty free shadows.


4 thoughts on “My Makeup Palettes Collection

  1. I have the nude w7 pallete (naked3 dupe I think) and I love it so much! I also really want to try the chocolate bar one! You have a really nice collection Xx

    • Thank you! I do like the chocolate bar palettes. They aren’t 100% my favorite but they are pretty great.

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