Last Finals Week

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I’m in my last finals week of high school ever! That’s a very weird reality. Of course finals week doesn’t start until tomorrow but still. This is my last normal week of school and my finals start on Wednesday. I don’t actually have any finals besides math so I’m not really worried. Senior Skip Day was last Friday and since I don’t skip  often (although I have missed a lot this semester because of school trips and my family emergency) I did end up skipping. I spent a day with my mom and we had lunch and I went with her on her errands and I bought a cute little light-up ampersand sign for my future dorm room. I’m so excited to start decorating, and I’ve already started buying stuff for the walls. In other news my school had a scholarship night and I was awarded $4,000 in local scholarships! I’m so grateful for my community to be as generous as they are and this money is really going to help this upcoming year in college. To any high school juniors out there, go start finding scholarships now. It’s never to early to be organized and your school and local community likely has a lot available that you have a great chance to get.

*An ampersand is the official name for an & symbol.

Shirt: forever 21 (old), Skirt: H&M, Jacket: Thrifted, Boots: Hunter.


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