What My Style Was Like in High School

A post that Emily Shuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere did a while ago that I so enjoyed was Fashion through the years. You can find it here. Although her post spanned over seven years and mine over four I haven’t been blogging as long as she has and my style has changed up enough that I thought this would be fun to do. It certainly was incredibly hard not to cringe at some of the choices I made and I did end up picking outfits that I was more proud of. Let’s take a moment and laugh at how babyfaced I was (and still am).


Freshmen Kelly wanted to stand out. I wore a lot of themed outfits and always dressed up way more than I needed to for school. I didn’t really know how to do my makeup so I wore lipstick every day usually in bright pink or red. My mom and I participated in a fashion makeover together and the lady said she hadn’t ever met someone who could wear as many styles as I could. On the bright side of that I feel comfortable in a number of styles, the downside is it took me a long time before I could find what I really loved wearing. I wore a lot of super girly over the top and vintage styles this year, although it had breaks of “grunge” and super peppy looks.

Outfit posts: Neon Lights, The Honey Trees, Sweet Serendipity, National Velvet.


Outfit Posts: Songbirds , Oh my darling what if you fly?, We read and write poetry, Dying in the Desert

I also wore a lot of incredibly girly outfits this year. They became a little less sickening sweet and more preppy. I started wearing more boho stuff but it was fairly theatrical still and I wore the flow crowns way more than I should. You’ll notice that I hardly ever wear pants and wore dresses even in the dead of winter.


Outfit posts: Bohemian Rhapsody, 70’s, Red Cups, Sidekick

This was proably my favorite year because I realized I’m the most comfortable in 70’s and 90’s inspired pieces. I still love dresses and skirts, but my accessories became way more toned down and I really wore pretty simple outfits with one maybe two standout pieces. I did however go through a pretty rough patch with my style in January through pretty much this year and I really stopped liking getting dressed up, if at all.


Outfit posts: Awkward Teenager, Fishnets & Jeans, Desperately Seeking Spring, Lean into you.

Senior year I’ve still been struggling finding pieces in my closet I love. I’ve purged a lot of clothes I no longer wear and my denim jacket has replaced my leather one in terms of preference. I am focusing more on buying quality pieces rather than quantity. This also was the first year I started wearing actual comfortable clothing. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in birkenstocks before and now I love them, and I’ve broken my don’t wear sweatshirts in public rule and do not regret it at all. I think it might take a little while before I get back to the excitement I had junior year but I’m getting there, and I’m a lot more comfortable while I’m doing it.


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