Why So Moody Judy?

This is it guys. This is my last week as a high school student. I’m having crises over it because I only have one day of school this week and then grad practice. It’s so weird. I don’t know how to feel at all about it. I’m not really excited, or sad, or happy, or upset I’m just meh. It doesn’t feel real and I wonder when it will. To be honest I haven’t really felt like I’ve aged past feeling like a sophomore. I am excited to show you guys the photos which will be up next week most likely. This is by most people’s standards one of the first big steps in life but I wonder if I will ever feel like that for me. I think it won’t really feel real until I wake up and I’m not in my bed at home and I will all of a sudden understand I won’t really be going home because that dorm room will be it. I am looking forward and am wary of that moment but it will come ready or not.

Dress: Local, Bralette: Forever 21, Socks: Unknown, Jacket: JCPenney, Boots: Doc Martens.


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