Class of 2017

I did it! I am now a graduated student! It feels so relieving to be done. High school was not a very easy or fun time for me and although there were good times I am overwhelmingly glad to be graduated and to be moving shortly to a city with a diverse population. I graduated last Friday at our local War Memorial Field and my class was the first to graduate in the new stadium. Our principle, class president, co-salutatorians and valedictorian all spoke and the choir sang. (Their song was the theme song from friends so I was very happy about that.) My family and I went back and celebrated a bit but I had grad night so we are having my actual graduation party this Friday. Grad night was until three am, so as you can imagine I’m quite tired. I did win a microwave and a bath set, which included five towels, a shower caddy and a back scrubber, as well as a Starbucks gift card. I plan on selling the microwave because Seattle U dorms come equipped with them and I don’t want to wait two or more years before I can use it. It was a nice prize nonetheless. Congrats to all other Class of 2017 graduates we made it!


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