A little skincare bundle

Hello all! In my quest to try more natural/cruelty free products I’ve got some skincare stuff for you.

I’m starting out with the Burts Bees sensitive moisturizer with cotton extract because while a decent product, Burts Bees is no longer cruelty free. It’s up for some debate but the brand had stayed cruelty free even though their parent company was not and they just started selling to mainland China. Now apparently (I’m not 100% sure every detail) but there is some way to get around the animal testing laws pre putting the products on the shelf. Unfortunately China does something called post animal testing which means they pull random products off the shelves and test them again. I’ve read this article on Cruelty Free Kitty’s website, you are welcome to read it here. While some might consider the brand cruelty free, she is not and to be safe neither am I. It is unfortunate because I have been enjoying the cleanser and this moisturizer which was light and a nice product.

The other three skincare products I bought were the Wet n Wild Micellar Water, the Yes to Coconuts Micellar Water, and the Wet n Wild Gel Balms in Kiss (clear). The lip balm is a new release and they have tinted colors as well. While not revolutionary it’s a nice product for out and about when my lips are chapped. The W&W micellar water on the other hand I was not a fan of. It required shaking and felt like nothing more than oil and water. The product says it’s vegan which is nice, but I hated it. It left my skin coated in a greasy film which I hate more than anything with skincare. The Yes to Coconuts on the other hand was amazing. It smells lightly of coconuts and completely cleaned my face off and left almost no makeup. It didn’t leave a film, nor did it sting my eyes. It is quite like the simple water except better AND cruelty free! It’s got my stamp of approval.

Now, I wanted to try a natural and cruelty free deodorant because my previous brand of choice was Dove which is, you guessed it, non-cruelty free. There’s also lots of evidence about how crappy deodorant is for your health so the more natural the better.  I bought the Tom’s deodorant first which is a classic stick. This one came in the Marine Woodspice scent which I had hoped might smell like old spice. Unfortunately the smell once applied was very similar to BO and while I didn’t sweat wearing this deodorant (I do with the other one) I did smell. I wasn’t sure if it was me or the product but I’d rather not smell so I bought the Crystal one. I like it a fair amount. A lot of people say crystal deodorant doesn’t work but I don’t have any smell with this one. I do sweat however. It is a roller ball and does need some time to dry but it is clear so you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes. Both brands are cruelty free but I believe that crystal is vegan.


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