First official week of summer break is at it’s close! How exciting! I worked most of this week except for today and yesterday.  I’m fairly sure it’s going to take another week for my back to adjust to the standing. Today we are having my graduation party which I’m very excited about! I love parties. It’s an open house come and go as you please style and we’ve spent the day cleaning up and decorating in preparation for it. I also bought some cute thank you notes which I am happy to use. Fun fact about me is that I love stationary so much. I love writing thank you notes and cute quirky cards and pretty journals make me very happy. Pens, my writing utensil of choice, also are something I could spend too much money on if let loose in an art supplies store. I hope it is warm and sunny where you are. Happy summer!

Dress: American Eagle, Jacket: Italy, Hat: Target, Shoes: Doc Martens, Necklace: Forever 21.


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