Lip Balm Review Roundup

Lip balms in order: EOS strawberry smoothing stick, Tony Moly Liptone in Honey, Neutrogena Naturals lip balm, Blistex medicated lip balm, Yes to Coconuts lip balm (cruelty free), Neutrogena lip moisturizer, Burts Bees Crystal lip balm in pomegranate, Jersey Shore cosmetics lip balm in peppermint and lavender (Vegan and I believe cruelty free) Burts Bees Cocco Lip Balm.

Starting with the top the lip balms that I thought were alright but not amazing were the EOS smoothing stick which was subtly scented and nice, the Neutrogena naturals which was a thin formula but not as intense as I wanted, and the Yes to Coconuts lip balm which was a thin nice formula but I wasn’t the hugest fan of the scent as it was a rather fake not great scent.

My absolute favorites were the Jersey Shore Lip balms in peppermint and lavender. The peppermint was a thiner formula and has the nice tinglingly sensation. Both have pleasant scents. I also really enjoyed the Neutrogena lip moisturizer as it was fairly moisterizing but I will not be buying it again as it is not cruelty free.

The ones that I hated were the Tony Moly Liptone, Burts Bees Coco Lip balm, and the Burts Bees Crystal lip balm.  The Tony Moly Liptone is honey scented and instead of smelling like honey it smells like urine. It is awful. The Burts Bees Coco one smelled like mint and chocolate and like sunflower seeds? I know it sounds weird but once applied it feels quite oily and just smells like fake chocolate and sunflowers seeds. The Crystal balm is dry and the crystals just make applying it really rough. I would not buy any of these.


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