Happy Camper


Say goodbye as June flys away.

I’m so happy that July is tomorrow. Not only do I have the 4th of July off (didn’t happen last year) I get to visit Seattle and Mexico this month! In about two?ish weeks I will be going to like a pre-freshmen orientation at SU to get my schedule and meet the heads of departments, talk to my guidance counselor, meet other students and put in roommate preferences. I even get to meet my potential roommate hopefully! A girl and I have been talking and hopefully we’ll be able to meet up and see if we click in person. I anticipate we will as we clicked pretty well online and I’m honestly horrid at talking to strangers over the internet. I’d much rather talk in person. My aunt and I are also going to Mexico as my graduation present. We are going to Cozumel and I’m ecstatic. I’ve never been to Mexico before (I’m not going to do much conversing unfortunately because I took French instead of Spanish) and I love international travel more than anything. Having spent a year living in the Bahamas when I was in the sixth grade made me love traveling more than anything and I hope to one day go to every continent. Yes Antarctica is on the list and yes I want to go see a giant sheet of ice. There are cool things there. I’m not sure if I will be blogging on a super regulated schedule since I’ll be away from home for almost three and a half weeks, but I will most definitely be taking lots of pictures.


Top: JCPenney, Jeans: Vintage Lee, Shoes: Birkenstocks, Hat: Target, Anklet: Forever 21.


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