Covergirl Trublend Primer Review

Covergirl is not a cruelty free brand and I had tried all these before I had decided to go cruelty free, but I figured that it would be a waste since I did try these and I thought for those of you who are not cruelty free I would review them. Covergirl has five primers total as a brand and most of those come from this little tru blend line. It comes in dry (bronze), combo (silver), and oily (gold). I tried all three because I find while my skin is fairly oily, it isn’t acne prone and it has dry patches so I can really use a wide range of products. So going from that so you guys have some idea of what my skin type is I think I liked the combo best although none of them blew my mind. First the combo and oily I remember being incredibly similar. Neither had great scents and all three were very silicone felling products. The oily targeted primer did not mattify the skin which I was ok with but really that is what most people with super oily skin are looking for. All three did provide a smooth base for my makeup and helped extend the wear, it wasn’t any more than the average primer. The dry primer did make my skin feel moisturized but the scent made me gag every morning. (When I say gag I’m not joking as the first time I put it on I almost puked from the smell.) I think of drugstore primers from both cruelty free and non cruelty free brands this is a bunch that you can skip right over.


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