Maybelline Face Products Round Up

Again this is another bunch of stuff from a non-cruelty free brand that I thought I would review. I was actually in the middle of doing a brand breakdown of Maybelline products when I decided to do this which is why I have a fair amount.

Foundations: Dream Liquid Mousse, Better Skin, Dream Cushion, Dream Matte Mousse.

Of these three I have pretty good feeling towards the dream line and I disliked the better skin. Starting with that I just found that the better skin, which to me implies a light to medium natural coverage satin finish foundation, was very thick and did not want to blend into the skin. It sat on top instead of blending in and just broke apart a lot. I don’t even think I wore it twice I was too upset with the results I got. I gave it to a friend who found it worked quite well for her. The dream liquid mousse was a typical foundation foundation. It blended out and matched pretty well, it broke apart where I have the most oil but for the most part was long lasting. It just looked super dry on my skin, which almost every Maybelline foundation I have ever tried has. Often when it looks super dry it makes my whole makeup look super heavy looking and so I stopped using it and tried the dream cushion. The dream cushion was a more matte version of the L’Oreal cushion which I found to be great but incredibly dewy. This was a satiny/matte and it did look a bit dry with powder but not too bad. However these types of foundations dry out really quickly and it wasn’t even a month or so when it started dry up. The Matte Mousse is the foundation I use currently and am trying to use up. It actually blends and works really well for me and doesn’t look almost at all dry. It also works really well melding with my concealer and lasts a decently long time. Note: It must be applied with a brush which I find gives it the best look and can be built up although not a lot.

Powder: Shine Free Loose powder, Fit Me Matte and Powerless, Fit Me Set and Smooth.

Both the fit me matte and poreless and the shine free loose powder were powders that made my skin look incredibly dry. I think these would be best suited for someone with incredibly oily skin. The Set and Smooth however I’m loving and am using until I find a new cruelty free powder. (I love the wet n wild powder but so many of these have talc in them, this one included and I’m trying to find one without.)


Concealer: Dream Lumi Touch, Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser.

I did like both of these concealers and I used the dream lumi up and am currently using the age rewind up. The dream lumi was the kind you turned until it came up into the brush and is meant as a highlighting type of concealer. It worked really well under the eyes and other areas as a very natural light concealer. The age rewind is a more full coverage concealer that covers almost all my dark circles and is very long lasting. Both concealers when set did not crease and stayed all day. I do like them both and I think the general consensus of the beauty community is that Maybelline makes pretty good concealers.

While I currently am using three of the products pictured I will be repurchasing none and will no longer support Maybelline. Products I had used I threw away but barely untouched products were given to a friend so as not to waste resources since I try not to be wasteful.


3 thoughts on “Maybelline Face Products Round Up

  1. I willl definitely be making a new purchase very soon hehe !! Your post is really amazing and i found it so helpful!! Its clear that you put alot of hard work and dedication into it, thankyou for taking the time to write posts like these, they really really do help!!

    lots of love,
    katie xx

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