Maybelline Brow and Liner Round

Maybelline brow drama gel

Many people I’ve read are not a fan of this brow gel because it looks like a mascara wand with a round ball at the end of it, making it difficult for those who have thinner brows. I actually enjoyed it as it held but didn’t make my brows feel super hard or crunchy.

Define and Fill Pencil

This pencil is incredibly crappy. It’s a very waxy incredibly faint product and I would not buy it.

Brow Satin pencil

This was, in contrast, a very good product which has a pencil on one end and a sponge tip which has powder on it. When you just use the powder you get a really light look but using both gives a nice look. I wish that Maybelline was a cruelty free band because it’s got some pretty good products.

Brow Precise pencil

This is an incredibly creamy pencil. I went through it really fast because it applies almost like a pencil eyeliner. However when you brush through with the spooli it becomes more faint and natural but it does make it harder to have sharp defined brows.


Line Stiletto Liquid Liner

This was a great liquid liner. More liquid than some it have a flexible felt tip that drew lines very well for me. If Maybelline was a cruelty free brand I might have repurchased this which is saying something in comparison to the other two.

Master Precise Eyestudio

This is a thin felt tip liquid eyeliner that is pretty black, although now that I’m trying my starlooks and skone cosmetics liners they are much blacker. It’s a pretty good liquid liner very much a staple in my routine, I’ll just be swapping it out for a cruelty free version.

Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel

I’m just not a gel person and so it’s really hard for me to LOVE any gel eyeliner. I do have to admit this is probably the best I’ve tried at the drugstore (I’ve only tried like three) as it’s very creamy and does last. If you prefer gel over liquid I think you would like this.


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