My Brushes (Cruelty Free Overview)


My vanity with my little brush corner. Ampersand Sign is from Pier 1 Imports. Containers are just vases that we had lying around the house, they work well but I’m looking to get matching ones.

I’m not going to call this a declutter simply because I’m not getting ride of anything yet. I have to (as you’ll see) buy replacement brushes for the non-cruelty free ones since I use pretty much all my brushes every day so if I got ride of them all I’ll be sorely lacking my tools to do my makeup.

My face brushes from left to right: slmissglam 07 small contour brush, Real Techniques multitasking brush, random Walmart kit powder brush, Wet n Wild powder brush, Coastal Scents synthetic foundation brush, Coastal Scents stipple brush, Flower Beauty sponge, Wet n Wild fan brush, W&W stipple brush, W&W contour brush, W&W foundation brush, W&W blush brush, Real Techniques Foundation brush, Luxie 514 blush brush.

The only non-cruelty free face brushes are my coastal scent ones. The two are the foundation brush, which I use to apply highlight when I want to have it be really intense, and the stipple brush. I use the stipple brush to apply undereye powder since my normal powder brushes are to large. The stipple brush will be easy to replace with an actual powder brush, but finding a highlight or foundation brush to do what this one did is proving harder to find. I think I’ll be replacing at lot of these brushes with ELF brushes but if you guys know other cruelty free brush brands let me know!


All black brushes: Coastal Scents, White with pink: Wet n Wild, Black with gold fennel: Skone Cosmetics, Dark Purple/Blue/White & Gold: Royal and Langnickel, Pink: Luxie, Lighter Purple: Real Techniques.

These brushes are the I didn’t call it a declutter because almost all my eye brushes are non-cruelty free and so getting ride of them would mean I only had six eye brushes and I genuinely use almost all my brushes currently so I need to replace them. The non cruelty free brands are: again Coastal Scents, Royal and Langnickel, and Skone Cosmetics.

I know not the most exciting post probably because I didn’t actually do anything but I think it’s important to cover all the parts of my makeup/beauty collection to make sure they are all cruelty free.


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