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Hello all! I can’t wait to tell you all about Summer in Seattle. We got back Friday and I slept most of the day Saturday because I was so exhausted from the two days. (What they say about dorm room beds being super uncomfortable is true. I barely slept and also have to figure out how to rig up curtains with command hooks since cheap blinds do nothing.) We had small groups with Orientation Advisors (OA’s) and they helped lead us and answer our questions. We had several sessions a day the first being a welcome ceremony, a session on the diverse makeup of the 2021 class which was cool, and what a Jesuit education means. In case you guys didn’t know Seattle University is a Jesuit Catholic private school. after lunch we split into groups for presentations with our specific colleges. We met the dean for the college of arts and sciences and learned some things that the college requires. We had a session about dorm living which I thought was a bit rubbish because we didn’t have a lot of questions answered that so many freshmen want to know. It’s also worth noting that the parents or guardians had all their own sessions which made a lot of sense and was hilarious when we all watched a musical that the OA’s put on. It was hilarious and they sure didn’t mince words about what college is really like. We had some activities we could do after and mostly I tried to meet a lot of people and make friends.

The second day was only a half day so we went to a presentation about communicating with your parents before you leave. After we went to sessions on studying, the policies SU has about alcohol and weed on campus as well as their new initiative trying to lower sexual assault rates on campus. That made me really excited because they are offering training on bystander intervention in sexual violence/domestic violence situations so I signed up to take it. We also went to a session on the campus ministry. This was one of my favorites because although SU is a religious university they are incredibly open-minded. In addition to mass and a Catholic students association we also have a Muslim and Jewish student association, a Buddhist/Zen association and a Queer people of Faith association. The ministers who were presenting stated multiple times that people of other sexualities and faiths are completely welcome on campus and they mean it. This openness was a big part of the reason I love my university.

Finally after all of that I got my schedule. I’m only taking three classes and freshmen get no say in their Fall schedule (after fall is over we get to decide) and it’s only classes that are the university core required classes, which makes sense since you have to fulfill them anyway. I have a French 101, Inquiry Seminar in the Social Sciences, this particular one being politics based, and an Academic Writing Seminar based on Revolution. I have to admit it really threw me off only having three classes since at my high school I had eight a year, more if it was a semester long class. I am excited for my classes though, I looked the professors up on Rate my Professor so I know that most students like the classes even though it looks like it will be a long slog. I didn’t end up getting really any photos or explore Seattle since we had to come back immediately after but I’m all the more excited for fall.

P.S I met my roommate! I won’t share her name or anything but she’s really chill and nice and so it seems that it will be a successful year together.


Romper: Local boutique #shopsmall, Jacket: JCPenney, Shoes: Birkenstocks.


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