Empties #9


Had so many empties I had to divide them up! Let me know if you guys like this better.

First off I finished a bottle of the Hawaiian Tropics Sport SPF 15. I have another bottle of SPF 30 that I’m finishing up and then I have to stop buying it because it breaks my heart but the brand is not cruelty free. It was the first sunscreen I felt like actually was nice and not greasy or hard to rub in or any of the usual complaints. I also finished up a container of vanilla scented bath salts which were a gift (not sure where you get them so obviously I’m not buying them again) I’m getting ride of my L’Oreal hairspray and mousse because L’Oreal isn’t cruelty free and I also never use them anyway. I finished my Neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer which I really likes, as it is water based, and was really happen with it until (you guessed it) not cruelty free. The Jergens was my favorite self tanner as it gives you a nice golden not orange glow. It can get streaky and has that self tanner smell so you need to be careful when applying, but it isn’t cruelty free so not a rebuy although a loved product. The Calgon bath “milk” was this soapy bubble bath that made the nicest bubbles but the brand is not CF so away it goes. It’s unfortunate to I did love it. This nail polish is by oxyprofessionals I believe and I love it! It’s so good at removing regular and glitter nail polish but I’m not sure about the brand so I have to figure it out before I buy it again.



The sunlogics makeup removing towelettes my grandma won in a little basket at an event she went to, but since I’m the only one in my family that wears makeup she gave them to me. These are horrible and do not subject yourself to them. They smell really strongly of alcohol, sting your eyes horribly, and mildly stung my skin. Do not buy them. I used up a maybelline concealer the dream lump touch which I did enjoy and went through fairly quickly. Hard Candy has one very similar to this but when I bought it I went through it in legitimately a week that’s how little product you get. I find that to be the case with those kind of twist up concealers. The brush is a royal and langnickel one I got in a Ipsy bag and it just is a terrible brush that when cleaned dried very stiff. I am also passing on the Maybelline gel eyeliner to a friend since I am not using it and the eyebrow palette since I now have a cruelty free version (thanks Ipsy for somehow knowing). The neogen foaming coconut milk cleanser smelled very clinical and was a average more stripping face wash so I wasn’t into it. The Simple micellar was really good but I’ve found an even better cruelty free version. Shout out to Yes to Coconuts for making an awesome one that’s better for the animals and my skin. The Dove deodorant was an average deodorant experience, I didn’t smell but it did pill up sometimes. The Wet n Wild Micellar cleanser was not great. Very oily and left this incredible film on your skin. It is vegan though for those who need vegan makeup/skincare. The Maybelline blurring primer was as usual very good and pore minimizing but not CF. The new Wet n Wild foundation I’m giving to a friend because it just sits on top of my skin and looks rather fake. I’m just not a fan. The setting spray however it quite nice and I would recommend for helping extend your makeup a bit.


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