Camp Flannel


First outfit of the summer that I’m actually wearing shorts. I’m in Baltimore currently before my aunt and I fly out to Cozumel. This summer’s been the first summer in such a long time that I actually enjoy and am letting it pass without wishing every other day it could be September. In fact when I wrote this I was sitting outside actually enjoying the sunshine. (I’m not a heat person so generally summers used to be a source of great annoyance to me) It feels a bit like it’s rushing by which is slightly nerve wracking considering I leave for this big life changing schooling in two-ish months time. Not working as much has certainly helped. Last summer I worked six to seven days a week and my days off were never in a row so it felt like I had to rush and fit everything in all at once because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have time to the next day. It feels good to have one day to do everything and one day to just relax. I’m off to take a nap.


Top: Macy’s, Shorts: Macy’s, Shirt: LLBean, Shoes: Birkenstocks


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