Dorm Decor Wishlist/Inspiration


Taken from Pinterest I own known of the images above.

This is sort of the vibe that I’m going for with my dorm room. Very stereotypical Tumblr esc and not really any particular decorating style, especially not specific colors. I would like to make my bed more neutral with a less distracting bedspread and more simple color pillows. I have a number of art pieces and maps for the walls so I’m pretty much all set there. My ideal decor is sort of a mish mash between plants, hippie-isa stuff and 70’s inspired.

Wall Stuff


Links here, here, here and here. 

I think that most of the central decorating for my dorm is going to be my wall which I am covering in many many posters. However they key to pulling this off is to have a variety of shapes, colors and textures which makes the wall exciting to look at every day. I’m planning on putting the fake wood whiteboard near my desk to make it stand out a little bit from most desk organization, and the “Good at Naps” banner to brag about my best skill yet.



Links here and here. 

I think I want to go with three decorative pillows max. Decorative pillows, like many other things, go best in arrangements of odd numbers, and I am not fussy enough to need five pillows including the one I sleep on. I’m dead set on this Harry Potter Ravenclaw one but otherwise am hoping to otherwise find plain but interesting designs.


Link here

I’m not a 100% sure I want to go with this rug because it is white and I’m sure something will be spilled on it and it will slowly get grimy and gross but something about this print makes me happy. It’s organic and doesn’t have a lot of pattern to it, but also would look stylish as a compliment to a busy or neutral room.



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