GingerPie Reusable Napkins


I ordered some reusable napkins on Amazon because I find that not only are cloth napkins more environmentally friendly but they also get your hands cleaner with less waste than paper napkins in the long run saving you more money. I bought them from GingerPie which is both an Amazon and Easy shop and it was $12 for a set of five 12X12 napkins but as you can see she sent me six! It was so lovely of her. These are supposed to be children lunchbox napkins but you can choose from a number of designs or ask for a speciality set which is what I did. I said vintage, floral, fruit, beach and college/more adult prints would be preferred and that’s what I got! She gave me one that’s a vintage camping print, a floral calico print, anchors, strawberries, beach houses and this vintage Paris floral print. I think that one is probably my least favorite but I love all the others. I especially love the camping print one. They are well made tight stitching and feel like they will hold up with frequent washing. I haven’t been able to actually machine wash them but I think I won’t put them in the drier just so they won’t shrink on an off chance. I love them and if your looking for reusable napkins


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